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Bluetooth mesh is a low-power mesh networking technology that enables distributed sensors and actuators to be easily interconnected.

Chemical Sensors

Electrochemical and optical sensor technologies allow advanced process monitoring and control to improve system reliability and safety.

5G Connectivity

5G Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies, such as Cat. NB1 and Cat. M1, allow remote devices to be directly connected to the Internet.

Functional Safety

Safety reinforced hardware and software designs manage safety critical aspects of the control systems and prevent disasters resulting from control failures.

The most flexible mesh networking technology

Bluetooth mesh

Bluetooth mesh is a mesh networking standard that allows for many-to-many communication over the conventional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio.

The advantage of choosing Bluetooth mesh over the existing mesh networking standards, such as Zigbee and Thread, is that all existing Bluetooth Low Energy-capable devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, and laptops) can communicate with the Bluetooth mesh devices without a gateway.

Moreover, unlike Zigbee which relies on a coordinator device to be always available and perform managerial tasks, Bluetooth mesh network is decentralised by design — making it an ideal choice for implementing distributed control and data acquisition systems.

Bluetooth mesh is, by far, the most flexible and secure mesh networking technology available today.

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