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Collecting data from distributed nodes, such as sensors and switches, often requires an extensive amount of cabling. CentriNet provides a simple solution to this based on the wireless mesh networking technology.

Off-site monitoring and control is an important aspect of Operations and Maintenance (O&M). CentriIOT is a highly customisable remote monitoring and control solution that is quick and easy to install.

Sending commands to many remote actuators that are spaced apart from each other is easier said than done. CentriNode can simplify this by wirelessly connecting the actuators to the CentriNet bus.

Determining physical location indoors down to centimetres and providing indoor navigation had been an impossible task until recently. CentriLocate offers a solution that implements sub-meter accuracy indoor location services.

Industrial wireless data bus


CentriNet is an industrial wireless data bus technology based on the Bluetooth mesh standard, and it can be used to interconnect distributed sensors and actuators.

It retains all of the advantages offered by the Bluetooth mesh standard, such as mesh networking, decentralised topology, advanced security, and compatibility with the existing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices like smartphones and tablets.

It is an industry-ready reliable solution — mesh networking provides multiple redundant communication paths among the devices, decentralised topology plays an important role in eliminating a single point of failure, and advanced security incorporating elliptic curve cryptography ensures that all communication over CentriNet bus is secure.

In addition, a gateway device can be optionally added in order to link a local CentriNet bus to the Internet, and provide remote monitoring and control.

The CentriNet solution can be provided to the customer in various forms: as a full ready-to-use suite of hardware and software products, as a set of building blocks that can help the customer incorporate the CentriNet solution into their products, and as a set of specifications.

Industrial wireless interface module


CentriNode is an industrial wireless interface solution that can be used to connect wired actuator and sensor devices to the CentriNet wireless data bus.

It is available as an attachment module that can be installed alongside the actuator and sensor devices, as a PCB module that can be incorporated into the customer’s device, or as a software library that can be embedded into the customer’s firmware.

CentriNode Micro is a tiny ready-to-use product that is installed next to simple actuator devices, such as solenoid valve and pumps, to provide wireless control over the CentriNet bus.

Industrial monitoring and control


CentriIOT is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution that enables remote monitoring and control of the distributed devices.

It consists of a gateway device that links a local CentriNet bus to the Internet, server software suite, and a user interface platform that is highly customisable by the user.

CentriIOT Server can relay and store the monitoring and control data in its database and maintain the operations history that can be visualised later.

CentriIOT Console provides a user interface for visualising the stored and real-time monitoring data, as well as receiving operator control commands.

Indoor location system


CentriLocate is an indoor location system based on the Bluetooth 5.1 standard that allows devices to pinpoint its location with sub-meter accuracy.

Depending on the applications, it uses the AoD (angle of departure) and AoA (angle of arrival) techniques to determine the subject’s location.

CentriNode Navstar is an multi-antenna AoD (angle of departure) beacon that transmits its location information over the Bluetooth radio. The receiver devices capable of receiving Bluetooth 5.1 AoD signals can decode this information and triangulate its position.

In addition to providing indoor location information, the Navstar can also function as a CentriNet mesh network relay — forming or extending the CentriNet networks.


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