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Our systems architects have a vast amount of experience working on interdisciplinary engineering projects involving mechanical, electrical, chemical and software engineering.

We specialise in developing highly reliable distributed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that incorporate bleeding edge technologies.

Our goal is to bring Industry 5.0 a step closer to reality and become a leader in the next generation industrial automation technologies.

Our Expertise

We can provide an innovative and reliable solution for your industrial projects.

Bluetooth mesh

Bluetooth mesh is a low-power mesh networking technology that enables distributed sensors and actuators to be easily interconnected. We have a range of products and solutions that help you adopt this technology for your projects.

5G Connectivity

Our 5G gateway can bridge the local sensor and actuator devices to the Internet for secure off-site monitoring and control. Currently, NB-IoT and LTE Cat. M1 connectivity options are available.

Chemical Sensors

Process monitoring often requires special sensors that monitor the presence and concentration of a specific type of chemical. We have a collection of electrochemical and optical sensor technologies that can be customised for your needs.

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Our Contributions

Industries We Serve

Our Bluetooth mesh solution simplifies module-level monitoring and emergency remote shutdown of the solar arrays.

The distributed control systems designed by us achieve unmatched resilience and improve overall safety of the hazardous chemical processes.

Our chemical sensor technologies and 5G connectivity solutions enable the next generation of smart water treatment plants.

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