About Us

Simple and Elegant Total Solution

Being able to see the whole picture is everything

We Tackle Highly Complex Engineering Problems And Provide A Simple And Elegant Solution.

Our systems architects have a vast amount of experience working on interdisciplinary engineering projects involving mechanical, electrical, chemical and software engineering.

We specialise in developing highly reliable distributed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that incorporate bleeding edge technologies.

Our goal is to bring Industry 5.0 a step closer to reality and become a leader in the next generation industrial automation technologies.

Why Centrinix?

Bleeding Edge Technologies

Our areas of expertise include the latest innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Bluetooth mesh networking, and 5G connectivity.

By incorporating these new technologies into the SCADA systems, it is possible to create a distributed yet highly integrated control system that eliminates single point of failure and thereby increases overall system reliability.

Besides the control aspect, the importance of the next generation networking technologies cannot be overstated as they allow more information to be available and accessible for predictive maintenance and process optimisation.

Safety and Reliability

When it comes to industrial SCADA systems, reliability is of utmost importance.

We have a strict development and systematic verification process to ensure that the systems designed by us are reliable.

In addition, for all engineering changes and updates, our hardware and software components are continuously tested and verified by a comprehensive test suite to ensure reliability and safety of the final product.

For safety critical systems, our IEC 61508 compatible functional safety engineering process can ensure that our hardware and software products can meet the stringent process safety requirements.

We Can Provide An Innovative Yet Highly Reliable Solution For Your Industrial Projects.

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